Cafe Campagne – Oeufs en Meurette

Oeufs en Meurette at Cafe Campagne

Better than a Pop Tart.

As the band Loverboy once mused, “Everybody’s working for the weekend.” Well observed! Everybody does work for the weekend, and when it arrives, a hearty meal is a fine way to get the party started.

Enter: Cafe Campagne. French yet welcoming, this dining spot sits cozily amid Post Alley’s hustle and bustle. Its warm interior and interesting dishes make for the kind of leisurely breakfast you could imagine your French self really getting into.

The cafe’s brunch menu boasts staples and novelties alike: Traditionalists may opt for French French Toast and House-Made Granola, while thrill-seekers can take their pick of everything from Croque-Monsieur sandwiches (gruyere, ham, cheese, and greens on a baguette) to Cassoulet (“white bean stew with lamb, pork, duck confit and garlic sausage”). Somehow, they even manage to serve fries with class, bundling the delectable Pommes Frites in a white napkin avec wire basket.

I myself am a loyalist to the Oeufs en Meurette (pictured on the left). Take soft, crunchy garlic bread, add poached eggs, top with savory red-wine fois-grois sauce, and… Voila! The cafe’s crown jewel, and my favorite brunch dish in Seattle. Vive le weekend!

Cafe Campagne
1600 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101



  1. Emmy · January 2, 2011

    This sounds madly appetizing. Yummy!

  2. Kit · January 14, 2011

    I’m taking mock-umbrage at your photo caption. I recently learned how to make “pop tarts” at home, and they are as delicious as you’d expect from the amount of butter involved. Yesss.

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