Infrastructural Love – U.S. High-Speed Rail

High-speed rail

In which the federal government maps out my dreams.

Coming from the Wouldn’t It Be Nice Dept., here’s a map of the planned U.S. High-Speed Rail Network. The project, which staggers line completion in five-year phases, would be operational by 2030. Its website at features a sweet animation illustrating the lines’ planned progress over the next two decades.

But hold up. Is this going to happen?

Hmmm, it is beginning to look iffy. According to the New York Times, a number of governer-elects, including Scott Walker from my home state of Wisconsin, are threatening to reject the funds allotted for their states.

But, as someone who has already bought a train-conductor’s cap for the project’s ribbon-cutting, I plan on making this happen. Infrastructurally speaking, it’s highly cool.


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