Cotton Jones’ “Blood Red Sentimental Blues”

And we arrive at a musical interlude.

Cooking along to KEXP a few weeks ago, I stopped and realized the music playing wasn’t just mildly listenable, but genuinely happy. It could have been the Belle and Sebastian organs (think This is Just a Modern Rock Song) or the ambling, down-home vocals*, but suddenly it was as if my kitchen had been hit by a bomb of good vibes.

“Psychedelic Indie Pop,” it seems, is a genre far easier to listen to than type out.

Describing Paranoid Cocoon, Cotton Jones’ 2009 full-length album, Pitchfork paints a picture of a “narcotic stroll through a dimly sunlit park with no particular reason for anything that happens, save the faintest hints of romance and regret. As an aesthetic, it’s comparable to an out-of-focus photo in an old shoebox, or the early morning sunrise viewed through a dew-covered windshield.”

What more is there to say? 🙂

*”Bob, hello!”


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