Brooklyn Goodness

Brooklyn Farmacy

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And then I went to Brooklyn for Kate and Jon’s wedding, and that was a grand time. (Their union, built over many years, having hundreds of stories, and lifting people’s spirits to great heights, is my favorite New York skyscraper.)

Still sporting sandals after a morning of manis and pedis, Kate and I made a stop at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain in Carroll Gardens. My first taste, a chocolate egg cream, was fizzy, milky, and perfect when sipped in afternoon sunlight.

Later in the weekend, coming down from wedding festivities, I got to chum around with Mara, Sarah, and Sarah.  But where does an out-of-towner propose meeting? Oh, the soda fountain…

Pistachio-cardamom ice cream sundae

Sugar and spice: a pistachio-cardamom ice cream sundae.

On the second visit, Mara and I lounged indoors, admiring the fountain’s golden-era interior. Heaped with charm, the occasion called for nothing less than a pistachio-cardamom ice cream sundae.


It isn’t possible to exaggerate how right this place is.


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