Smouse Reports: Stick It


(Editor’s note: Give it up for… Laura Smouse! Laura’s a writer, editor, kindred spirit, consumer advocate, and sharer of things wonderful. PGT is jazzed to welcome her aboard.)

If you’d told me a year ago I’d be visiting an acupuncture clinic twice a week in 2011, you would have received some teenager-worthy eye-rolling at the very least. But six months of chronic sinus issues left me searching for an alternative to course after course of antibiotics, and in early June I made an appointment at a recommended acupuncture clinic.

Though I was a little anxious at the onset, Peishan, my acupuncturist, gently talked to me about my recurring issues and my life in general. She took my pulse and looked at my tongue, and spoke of getting my body back in balance, building up my immune system, and clearing out my sinuses. Before I realized it, she’d inserted several needles in my hand (and a couple in my calf for “anxiety”) and turned out the lights for a 30-minute nap time. Rest assured, needle-phobics—acupuncture needles are no big deal—mostly they itched, but they were certainly not painful. After the treatment I felt immediately less congested, and was given a custom blend of herbs to continue the healing process. I floated out of the clinic on cloud nine (I think those anxiety needles worked) and departed for a trivia night where I totally nailed it. Coincidence?

After two visits, my sinuses were vastly improved, and by the third I felt back to normal. Besides a clean bill of health, I came away with a newfound respect for Eastern medicine. In the past, I’ve always gone to the doctor for antibiotics, which Peishan told me had worn down my body. It’s humbling to think that once I broadened my mind, I found a gentler, better alternative out there.


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  1. Emmy · August 4, 2011

    I’ve always been afraid of acupuncture–needles, shriek!!– but your clear, thoughtful account makes me consider it. How good to hear about a gentle alternative.

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