A Spot of Pie

Even while Seattle’s summer stays put, autumn’s food cravings are enormously here. What my palate relished just a couple months ago is too tart these days. Because why doesn’t it taste like bread? Or pasta.

Lucky for us, Fremont’s Pie is around to indulge fall’s hankerings. See the peanut butter and jelly cookie pie to the left? Sweet, crumbly, and adorably edible.

A few other Seattle pie shops have opened in the last year, too. High 5 Pie has an attractive variety, but nothing quite this endearing for eating. They do offer a $5 mini pie that’s baked in a jar.

As for cupcakes? They still have their place, but they don’t inspire anywhere near as much baby talk. I’ll be pulling this photo out of my wallet for years to come.



  1. Kit · October 1, 2011

    Is too too eerie that I made mini pies today? They’re peachy. And nectariney. And whiskey-y.

  2. ebenbow · October 2, 2011

    Yummmm. Following from the jar idea, does that mean you can bake pies in shot glasses?

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