The Bad Girl’s Guide to the Galaxy

Birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms… cherished life events demand nothing less than the sassiest of imprints. Four words: Bad Girl’s Stamp Kit.

Several years ago, while browsing a Borders clearance shelf, I came across the hot-pink stamp set. Retailing at $1.99, it sported illustrations of high heels, light bulbs, weight scales, and the word “YUMMY.” There’s also a cartoon woman with devil horns. (Nice.)

While some could be fazed by these not-wholly-flattering icons of femininity, those in the know appreciate them as bad-ass specimens of Bad Girl branding.

The Bad Girl’s guides were a novelty book series popular in the early Aughties celebrating a “You go, girl,” Sex and the City  kind of feminism that’s still super entertaining, if not super relevant. I first learned the way of the Bad Girl in 2004 when a friend, taking out her hot-pink day planner, mentioned it instructed her to write a haiku about her butt. I’d soon learn this confidence-boosting advice is the stock in trade of the Bad Girl guide.

From The Bad Girls’ Guide to the Party Life:

Cameron TuttleSentimental for the guides’ in-your-face infograph wisdom, I recently looked up the story behind the franchise. It turns out the books are the brain chilruns of one Cameron Tuttle, described on her Wikipedia page as an “author and businesswoman.” According to a SFGate profile of Tuttle published in 2002, “she has been known to bring a boom box to the DMV, where she turned a long line into a party.”

After publishing a total of six Bad Girls books, Tuttle now writes Young Adult novels. While it would seem the franchise has been retired since 2004’s guide, Cameron’s Twitter feed and Facebook page still provide a heaping helping of Bad Girl attitude:

What your mother says: “Are you wearing any underwear?” What you hear in bad girl mode: “Your butt looks terrific!”

Proof—in one world—that God is not a woman. Cramps!

Bad is not an age—it’s an attitude!

And now, let’s decide which of these best says Merry Christmas. (Slice of cheese cake, eh?)

The Bad Girl's Stamp Kit


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