A Message to Women from a Man

It may sound like the beginning of a pick-up line, but the above actually starts a compelling Huffington Post opinion piece my friend Karen just sent me (fully titled “A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not ‘Crazy’ “). In it, writer Yashar Ali talks about an

epidemic that defines women as crazy, irrational, overly sensitive, unhinged. This epidemic helps fuel the idea that women need only the slightest provocation to unleash their (crazy) emotions. It’s patently false and unfair.”

Hear, hear.

In addition to bathing in ink (WSJ? NYTimes? TIME? he’s been featured in those and others), Ali can claim the distinction of having been the national co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign at the tender age of 26. He also writes for The Current Conscience, a blog whose original insights and pat writing transcend its maybe-kind-of-holy name. I look forward to reading more of his sensitive commentary as it grows colder and darker outside.


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