Farewell, Thaiku

On Friday I had one sad item to cross off my list: a last meal at Thaiku, my favorite Seattle Thai restaurant. They’d be closing operations (along with their bar, Fu Kun Wu) later that day after 10 years in their Ballard Avenue location.


Seattle has a multitude of Thai joints, yes, but none have Thaiku’s quality dishes or festive atmosphere. The woman at the table next to mine and I agreed: This is a blow to Pad Kee Mao lovers of the Northwest.

That said, it sounds like we can cautiously look forward to seeing what the owners cook up next. They sent MyBallard a press release saying they hope to reopen within a year.

They’ll be auctioning off the restaurant’s wares on Thurs., Dec. 29.



  1. Katie Trent · February 2, 2012

    NOOOOOO! I had no idea. I LOVE the pad kee mao there. I’m with that lady.

    – Katie

  2. ebenbow · February 5, 2012

    Yea, it’s a total shame–that really was my go-to eating spot in Ballard. Where am I supposed to go now, the *vegetarian* Thai place? No deal.

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