Smash Putt: Miniature Golf Apocalypse!

Hole #5: Scratch 'n' Sniff

Hipster mini-golf celebration.

Whenever my hairstylist asks what I’ll be up to over the weekend, my answers normally range from a vague, not-always-true “Oh… Going out with friends…” to the soberingly honest “Catching up on podcasts.”

Last Saturday, though, I was pleased to report the next day I’d be visiting a warehouse in Sodo for artsy miniature golf. With booze. (Aka, Smash Putt: Final Apocalypse.) “Oh, cool!” She said. “Sounds a little hipster.”

Why, yes! It’s a hipster dream in the best way. Between the course’s 15 different holes, miniature golfers test out spinning labyrinths, scratch ‘n’ sniff wheels, golf-ball cannons, and my favorite, the catapult (er, “Cataputt”). The last hole, “Deconstruction Zone,” lets you watch through plexiglass as a drill slowly descends… and destroys your ball. For those who aren’t in a hurry to leave, there’s ample lounge space to soak up the apocalyptic decor with Ginger Zelenka in hand.

Mini golfers plan how to launch the ball up a ramp, over a spinning record.

Ball maze

Put your golf ball in on the outer edge, and spin it to the middle.



  1. annony · February 1, 2012

    Awesome! Too bad I missed it

  2. ebenbow · February 5, 2012

    Thanks! I was thinking this course would look pretty badass in Minecraft.

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