Here’s the Thing on WNYC

Here's the Thing

Alec Baldwin unscripted.

While no one can resist Alec Baldwin’s appearances on fake NPR, there’s quite a lot to be said for Here’s the Thing, his new, real-life interview show on WNYC. The guest list includes writers, comedians, filmmakers, and even the odd reality tv celeb.

No matter whom he’s talking with, it’s honest. He carries himself with easy poise, but isn’t afraid to interrupt a guest. (Or, in the case of Erica Jong and her daughter, let them argue uninterrupted.)

In a recent episode, Lorne Michaels discusses being from Canada, his start in showbiz, and owning up to “pseudo-egalitarianism” (so dubbed by Wallace Shawn). One of my favorite lines:

“It is part of the process that people have to be bad before they are good.”


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