Ron Funches on TBTL

Ron FunchesWhen I saw Ron Funches at the Intiman Theatre in November, he sang the theme to Muppet Babies and then dissected it lyric by lyric. It was the coolest ever. While a lot of comedians try hard to act mean, he’s genius while being nice.

Yesterday he stopped by TBTL (my favorite podcast) and talked with Luke and Producer Andy about how he got into standup. I’m sad I’ll be missing him at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival this month… but definitely not for the reason (!!!).

Also, the People’s Republic of Komedy’s website is worth scoping out, if for no other reason than there is one. It used to be really hard to find their listings, and now, presto! Comedy.


One comment

  1. Emmy · March 9, 2012

    “…he’s genius at being nice…” Ahh. Great to find a comedian who warms the audience, instead of making them eat his cold glittery gags!

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