Dinette in Capitol Hill

Butter lettuce salad at Dinette

O, bonnie salad.

I’m not going to lie: Walking up Denny Way at the end of the work day is most definitely a haul. (People sled down that thing!) But, seeing the rewards, what choice do you have?

Mandy and I paid Dinette in Capitol Hill a recent visit and left in excellent spirits. The restaurant’s stylish, but they get the important stuff right. Cases in point: our sweet, citrusy cocktails, dates drizzled with balsamic reduction, butter lettuce salad, and clams in white-wine butter broth.

Also, while on the small side, Dinette shows a thoughtfulness you don’t often come across so close to downtown.

This place is even worth visiting outside happy hour–that’s right, full-price. Or else on a Sunday. Do it!

Clams at Dinette

Clams and people-watching.

Dinette's bar

Dinette’s bar.


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