Scottish revelry for a summer’s day

You know what they say about fun Scottish storylines happening in threes?

First, there was the Napoleonic period comedy St. Ives. Then, for a month, I embarked on an 866-page journey with Mary Queen of Scotland and the Islesone of those rare books you’re sad to finish, and not just because of the ending.

And the other day I was amped to find more sprightly accents and green cinematography in The Decoy Bride. Starring Kelly Macdonald and David Tennant (aka Dr. Who), the movie puts a Scottish spin on wedding-day hijinks, replete with bagpipes, old bitties, mixed identities, crashing waves, a wildly popular novel called The Ornithologist’s Wife, and obnoxious Americans.

In the interest of full disclosure, one review did describe this movie as “pernicious tripe suitable only for masochists and the intellectually disabled.” But since this opinion comes from Village Voice Media, let’s love the film that much more.


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