“Fountain of Light” series at Seattle Center

"Fountain of Light" at Seattle Center International Fountain

International Fountain at Seattle Center

On a recent March evening while strolling home through Seattle Center, I couldn’t help but stop for a moment. Two immense, colorful projections were playing over International Fountain as just a few onlookers sat watching. At the water’s fiercest, you could make out video footage of race cars. Between the mist, fast-moving images, and fountain’s volcanic flares, I stood totally riveted.

But when I got home, there was absolutely no Internet info to be found about it.

Walking home through Seattle Center at dusk tonight, I couldn’t help but notice speakers, projectors, and a similar table of laptops set up. This time, there were more people. I sidled over and, with a little investigation, learned what I’d seen in March had been a test–for an art-installation series called “Fountain of Light” starting at Seattle Center this weekend. (Tonight’s setup would also be a test.) Instead of race cars there will be ladies in swimsuits; they have DJs and dancing scheduled to complement the light display.

Says the Seattle Center website:

The Fountain of Light  series, a new venture for Seattle Center, re-imagines International Fountain, projecting video and film onto the fountain water, accompanied by music – all free to the public. Fridays feature short films and Saturdays bring in local artists to provide music and video content, add a beer garden and turn the fountain area into a dance party.

Said the authoritative-looking art woman I interrogated:

Bring your friends!


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