Galaxy Cookie Crumble

Galaxy Cookie Crumble

Oh hell yes.

For fans of international cuisine, I bear good news: The Galaxy Cookie Crumble candy bar has arrived from across the pond!

After tasting my first bar of the crunchy-yet-luxurious British chocolate 3 1/2 years ago, I soon added a nonchalant walk down the international (cough, foreign candy) aisle to my grocery store trips. For all their Maltesers and Mars Bars, there was nary a Galaxy to be found.

Then, from time to time, my friend Laura and I began finding them in our go-to British candy shop in Victoria, BC.

I’d almost forgotten my long-lost British friend when, on Saturday, I found it: smooth, chocolaty, cookie-crumble sumptuousness!

Fresh off the boat, they’re now available at Cost Plus World Market. The new season of Downton might be a few months off, but consider the Galaxy Cookie Crumble sweet consolation in its absence.



  1. Laura · October 11, 2012

    Aww, this makes me think of two great things: our trip to London and our good Canadian friend, Christina.

    • ebenbow · November 27, 2012

      Our trip to London was grand! Whenever I hear the Carousel soliloquy I get misty-eyed. 🙂

  2. ithinkthereforeiamsterdam · November 27, 2012

    Galaxy is good, yes, but what about Cadbury?! Unfortunately this much-loved British ‘diet food’ was recently bought out and put in the deep pockets of Kraft- blessedly, it still tastes the same.

    • ebenbow · November 27, 2012

      This is good information to have! It’s been forever since I tried Cadbury–which flavor should I taste first?

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