Poutine for Breakfast

Improvised Poutine

Sweet potato fries, mushroom gravy, and goat cheese.

After making luscious mushroom gravy last night, today I woke up with quite  a predicament. You guessed it: too much gravy. So, to start the week off right, this morning I threw an impromptu Poutine together by combining it with Alexia sweet potato fries and goat cheese.

C’est magnifique!

Inspiration came in part from this City Arts article about the real deal from Quebec.

Poutine’s origins are as muddled as its translation. The going story comes from a restaurant in the Quebec town of Warwick, “Capitale de Fromages.” Fifty-some years ago, a take-out customer at Le Lutin Qui Rit requested fries and cheese curds in a bag, prompting owner Fernand Lachance to respond, “Ça va faire une maudite poutine,” or “That’s gonna make a damn mess.”

While it took awhile to make, I really can’t exaggerate the gravy‘s deliciousness. Drizzling it over cereal tomorrow is a real–and tantalizing–possibility.


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