Burt Wolf on Coffee, Chili Peppers

You know that stereotype of the American who gets home from work and reflexively turns on the television? I am not guiltless of this offense. You see, not only are the days growing shorter, but there’s also an abundance of really interesting programming this season!

Take, for example, Burt Wolf and his show What We Eat. On a recent episode, he discussed peppers–their fascinating origins, journey round the world, and change over centuries. According to the show, residents of the Yucatan Peninsula take pride in their Habanero chilis, but see Jalapenos as a symbol of European oppression.

Sadly, no online clips of that episode are to be had. I have, though, included another Burt Wolf gem to give you an idea of his style. It might even tempt you into popping a pepper, or sitting down in front of the tv for a half-hour.


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