MNG by Mango puts spring in your Fall

Red blouse - MNG by Mango


Neiman Marcus? More like “Neiman Whatsit.” Zing!

During a quick walk-through of my local JC Penney this weekend, I got excited to spot not just one, but a several fall pieces I liked. While a few different lines caught my attention, MNG by Mango® gets bonus points for touting clean lines and lively colors in a season when it’s all too easy to be drab.

The garments show care even in the details: You may not see them up close in the picture, but the lovely red blouse above includes gold-trimmed red diamond buttons.

While slightly lower key, I like to think of this as a “HBIC” cardigan:

Beige cardigan - MNG by Mango


This green always looks perfect with gold hoops:

Green drape top - MNG by Mango


Oh, and Liz Claiborne petite animal prints? I went there.


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