Hungry for Change

Before making any drastic lifestyle changes in the name of 2013, Hungry for Change is a terrific documentary to watch and digest.

One highlight of my 2011 was reading the book Why We Get Fat. Even though I already felt healthy (Michael Pollan had set me in the right direction), the book answered larger questions I’d been struggling with my entire life. They amounted to: “How can you do everything ‘right’ but still get the wrong results?”

Available on Netflix streaming, Hungry for Change does a great job of answering this question. As hard-hitting as its trailer may look, the film’s surprisingly huggable. Many of the experts interviewed have themselves lost hundreds of pounds, and they devote an entire chapter to the importance of self-love. In fact, I think the daily affirmation they suggest is a perfect way to start a new year:

I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”


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