I, too, am juicing

Chard, pear, lemon, and cilantro juice

Chard, pear, lemon, and cilantro juice.

Fad diets, what?

Let’s preface this by saying that, yes, juicing does seem poised to be very 2013. But, since it’s 2013, why not give juicing a try?

I first got clued into the popularity of raw vegetable and fruit juices during a trip to Whole Foods, where I noticed a pretty bottle with Helvetica font could cost $9.99. (I believe people use the BluePrint brand pictured for cleansing.)

$9.99 juices at Whole Foods

$9.99 BluePrint juices at Whole Foods. (Granted, the Lemon juice is $6.99.)

My curiosity grew still when watching the Hungry for Change documentary. They didn’t explicitly say juicing could cure all your life’s woes, but you and I both know that was totally the subtext. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead further underlined this point, if also in a propaganda-like way.

So, I got a juicer with an Amazon gift card and have been sipping on these babies for a couple weeks now (along with my regular meals).

Breville juicer

My Breville juicer.

Juicing, of course, isn’t a totally foreign concept–especially if you’ve ever read an issue of Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP. Still, it’s taken its time getting to the Northwest. Hanna Raskin recently gave some more background on raw juicing’s popularity–and notable lack of Seattle presence–in this Seattle Weekly article.

In case you’d like even more star power, Luke on TBTL did this for a couple weeks to hilarious effect.

I never plan to embark on a full-on cleanse, but I like how juicing serves as a colorful way to add more nutrients into your diet. To decrease the hassle of washing the appliance, sip on a champagne flute of cucumber-pear tonic in the process. With chia seeds, if the fancy should strike.

Most importantly, each time I use the juicer I feel like I’m recreating the tornado from The Wizard of Oz, but with fresh produce. Fresh, tasty beverages truly are a force to be reckoned with.


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