Weekend Notes – March 31

Eat the Cookie's Baby Banana Blueberry Pancakes

Easter breakfast, thanks to Eat the Cookie.

As much as I’d love to give an impression of traveling ’round the clock in the utmost glamour (is there any other way?), most weekends are in fact spent watching Create TV, laundering, reading, and chilling with my homies. Here are some highlights from the last couple weekends. (Oh, and Happy Easter!)

1. This NYTimes magazine feature on giving at work rings impressively true. Without my fully realizing it until now, most of my co-workers very much fall into the Giver, Matcher, or Taker categories.

2. I rediscovered Elle and a few articles from the March issue caught my interest.

– They devoted an entire segment to careers–rewards, struggles, and what successful D.C. ladies have learned over the years. Most interesting was Carina Chocano’s brief profile of Kelly Oxford, a Canadian-housewife-turned-Hollywood-player.

Da Vinci’s Demons looks like it should be interesting. Cable TV + Italian Renaissance, ftw!

3. If you’d like to read more about an ambitious woman in technology who isn’t named Sheryl Sandberg… This NYTimes profile of Sophia Amoruso shows how passion can pay off.

4. Speaking of thrift, it would seem Mick Jagger agrees (to some extent) kids should make their own way in life. (CNN.com)

5. Eric and I enjoyed The Incredible Burt Wonderstone way more than I expected. Jim Carrey’s presence is minimal, while Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, and Alan Arkin of course goof around onscreen like goof-around pros.


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