Elliott Bay and Babushka Truffles

Seattle Elliott Bay Waterfront

The Elliott Bay waterfront, taken from the Bell Harbor Convention Center’s pavilion.

Here’s for happy news: The sun came out in Seattle! Indeed, it exists, and for Laura’s birthday no less.

It seems appropriate, then, to share a couple pictures of the elusive, much-admired Other Seattle. After work on Friday I laced up my sneakers and headed over the new Thomas Street Overpass. A small bridge it is not, but the vast crossing can boast of views of Elliott Bay and Mount Rainier.

From there, I ventured down the Elliott Bay Trail.

Puget Sound Dusk

The surprises didn’t end there. At Fred Meyer the next day I came across babushka truffles, and couldn’t help but document their lovely, modest expressions. Unfortunately, I had just watched a movie with a beheading… so no sampling today, thank you. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

If you have any weekend notes, which can include the Fred Meyer dessert aisle, please do share in the comments.

Babushka truffles

Moonstruck bourbon caramel & gingerbread babushka eclipse truffle at Fred Meyer.



  1. Laura · May 5, 2013

    Aiiieeeee! I cannot BELIEVE I got a shout out in your blog! Best gift ever. Those truffles are adorable–too cute to eat!

  2. ebenbow · May 11, 2013

    Of course! I should have had them make Laura-head truffles for your birthday. Though perhaps that’s more befitting mine. 😉

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