Ballard Snapshot – Anchors Down

Whiskey Sour at Anchors Down in Ballard

Anchors Down: A Whiskey Sour to put on the map.

As a perennial visitor of happy hours, one of my favorite litmus tests lately has been ordering a well Whiskey Sour.

Essentially, you’re asking them: “Bar, do you just want to get people in these seats, or do you want me to leave as a better human being?”

Lofty, I know. But remember–if it’s the former, you could just as well bring a flask and some Gato and call it a day.

Whiskey Sour details to consider:

  • Does the sour mix taste authentically citrusy, or like Kool-Aid with sugar added?
  • Do they throw egg white in there?
  • Is the maraschino cherry liqueured?
  • Lastly and perhaps most important, does the glass fit my standards of preciousness?

At Anchors Down in Ballard last night, yes on all counts! The food is mostly hot dogs, but we’ll be back to this place soon for the wells alone. Eric had a refreshing Sailor Mule, made with rum and hometown-favorite Rachel’s Ginger Beer. This arrived in a shiny tin mug.

If you’re an Eastside appreciator of Whiskey Sours (without egg white) I’d recommend Seastar, and after work.


One comment

  1. Emmy · May 21, 2013

    This probably reveals me as from one of the Bread Basket states, but (sigh), umm…is egg white in a sour good or bad?

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