3 hours in Portland

Lil' Mamas from Two Tarts bakery in Portland

Lil’ Mamas & friends from Two Tarts Bakery in Portland.

On Sunday, Eric and I somewhat unexpectedly found ourselves in Portland for a few hours. We had already headed as far south as Olympia and, after lunch at The Spar Cafe, decided why not?

There’s so much to do in Portland–and so many one-way streets to get caught on–for an afternoon you’ve got to narrow it down to a few choice locations. One of my favorites down there is Two Tarts Bakery, whose Lil’ Mama Oreo-esque cookie sandwiches get me every time. Or, I get them every time. Whatever.

We were also witness to a tremendous bicycle (front) whose owner carried arrows in a plastic crate. One Bing search later, I see this is none other than the Cargo Bullitt TNT, which I hadn’t known existed.

Cargo Bullitt TNT - The fastest cargo bike in the world.

Cargo Bullitt TNT – The fastest cargo bike in the world. Especially for carrying arrows.

Mind you, all of these bikes came from the same dining party–the feat of locking them together takes about five minutes, which was not uninteresting to watch.



  1. Emmy · May 30, 2013

    At Two Tarts bakery, the mini Whoopee Pies (right) look rendingly delicious….every bit as good as the chocolate-cookies-which-shall-be-nameless. Lemony cream cheese filling? Oh yeah!

  2. ebenbow · May 31, 2013

    The whoopie pies do look delectable! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them next time I’m down there. (Or you can in September!)

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