A backpack for the ladies

Patagonia Violeta Backpack

Back to the future.

When you tell someone you’re a consultant, it means different things to different people. Some think “contractor”–there’s a difference there that isn’t worth getting into–while others assume it’s much more specialized than in real life. In my mind, there’s one constant that has come to define how I see the occupation: Consulting means carrying a laptop around to a ridiculous number of places.

Sadly, this observation hasn’t granted me a reprieve from hauling my laptop to these places. And laptop bags, sleek though they may be, somehow can’t change the fact that I’m 5′ 3″ and lacking swimmer’s shoulders.

So, I’ve been very pleased lately to tote around the Violeta backpack from Patagonia. Not only is the backpack made for women ergonomically, but it has super-smart compartments that cover my venture-to-different-offices needs.

Last but not least, who isn’t wearing Patagonia these days?


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