You had me at “Richard III burial row”

Richard III

Richard III

Without fail, whenever I think to check The Telegraph I am instantly rewarded by unabashed English glory. This time, a cute-if-contentious frolic through the Wars of the Roses.

You may recall Richard III’s skeleton was recently found underneath a Leicester parking lot. While the University of Leicester’s initial plan was to bury him in the Leicester Cathedral, some 26,553 people have since signed a petition requesting he be buried at York Minster instead.

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave on Thursday gave the Plantagenet Alliance permission to bring judicial review proceedings against the Justice Secretary and the University of Leicester, with a full hearing to resolve the case expected later in the year.

But in his written judgment he commented: “It is ironic that the Wars of the Roses appear to be returning whence they started – the Temple. Legend has it that John Beaufort and Richard Plantagenet picked the symbolic red and white roses in Inner and Middle Temple gardens.”

To quote the immortal lyricist Seal, one could dare to call it “a kiss from a rose on the grave.”


Part II: Response letters.



  1. Emmy · August 26, 2013

    Irresistible to this raving Anglophile!

  2. Laura · August 26, 2013

    Of COURSE he should be buried in York!

  3. ebenbow · August 26, 2013

    @ Emmy – Yes! I’m utterly charmed by any country whose residents have such an intimate knowledge of its history.

    @ Laura – Scholars would argue he wasn’t in a York “state of mind.” 😉

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