Perugia Fontana Maggiore

Dating back to 1277-8, the Fontana Maggiore symbolizes “the free city of Perugia.”

Believe it or not, this week marked the 10-year anniversary of my semester abroad in Perugia. Mamma mia!

As much as I’ve loved the virtual stroll down memory lane on Google Street View, I still have quite the fondness for pics from that time. Of course, they aren’t crystal-clear-2013 digital pics… I took these on a film-happy Canon Snappy LX.

Perugia in the morning

As seen on a morning stroll.

I don’t have the energy to recap Perugia 10 years later in a blog post, but I can say it was a gift to live there and make the amici I did. (Cough, Naama!)

Without the experience of studying abroad I doubt I would have relocated to the Northwest.

Perugia - via dei Priori

I believe this is the via dei Priori, where our Umbra Institute was headquartered.

Perugia - Piazza IV Novembre

People taking a turn around the Piazza IV Novembre before Christmas.

Corso Bersaglierri

Corso Bersaglierri, and the facade of our apartment.

These are all the photos I could digitize for now, but I promise more Umbrian highlights soon. Ciao!



  1. Naama · September 3, 2013

    Is there an emoticon for a single nostalgic, happy tear?

  2. ebenbow · September 4, 2013

    Aw, I wish! “Lacrima” is such a pretty word. 🙂 Have you gotten a chance to go back? I don’t regret seeing other countries, but would like to get back there.

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