When an English rose goes tan

Kate Beckinsale and Hugh Grant are tan

Tanning: more forgiveness, but less adorable.

A couple months ago, I saw Kate Beckinsale in an interview and realized she’s been noticeably bronze for something like 10 years now. She bid “good day” to her classically translucent, English complexion and Emma moved to Laurel Canyon. Hugh Grant, too, seems to have followed Marlboro Man into the sunset.

Clinique Self-Tanner

My go-to when I want a kiss of “sun.”


But as someone who has her Victorian-ghost moments, I get it. Lighter skin can be beautiful, pink and freckled, but also has a way of calling attention to a missed hour of sleep or half a drink the night before. So, on days when I want a skin tone that’s a little more forgiving, I dab Clinique Self Sun on my forehead, chin, and the sides of my face (NOT my rosy cheeks, I’ve learned). At first I tried Jergens from the drugstore, but it smelled so awful. After using this product for about six months, I say, it’s really nice on days when you feel like it.



  1. Emmy · October 27, 2013

    “Yes, “Kissed by sun” is a lovely look. Becksindale seems to have used a light touch, but Grant may be overdoing it–he’s breathing on that John Boehmer-y, geezer-in-Florida look. I miss his pasty-faced mop-headed early days!

  2. ebenbow · October 28, 2013

    Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Beckinsale’s tone, but understand it’s probably a “When in Rome” kind of compromise.

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