For Vienna, let’s start with gardens and cake

The Belvedere Palace and its gardens, Vienna

The Belvedere Palace and its gardens, Vienna.

A week has gone by since I got back from Austria, and already we’re flying through May. I went a tad overboard with the pictures on this trip (taking ~1,500 of them), but little by little am unearthing gems. The one above is an unexpected favorite–it shows the Belvedere early in the morning, when gardens are slow to wake up and the city hasn’t got going quite yet.

If there’s one constant with traveling, it’s sugar. So, to me it was pretty much a given that Vienna’s signature Sacher-Torte–dense chocolate cake layered with apricot jam–would happen at some point in the trip.

Sacher-Torte at Cafe Sacher Wien

Sacher-Torte at Cafe Sacher in Vienna. That seal on top is way tougher than it looks!

Pretty good! A little dry, but a tour guide later told me this is because many Sacher-Tortes are made to last a few months as they’re shipped internationally.

And more gardens/desserts to come…



  1. Emmy · May 6, 2014

    The Belvedere palace picture is so beautifully composed…shows the serenity of that early morning hour…even to the celestial blue shadows on the roof. As for the Sacher torte, Wow!

    • ebenbow · May 7, 2014

      Thanks, Mom! My hotel was close to the Belvedere, so I enjoyed walking its grounds each day 🙂

  2. Rob Moses Photography · May 6, 2014

    Looks like a nice place to take a walk 🙂

    • ebenbow · May 7, 2014

      Thanks, it was! The thought and care put into the Belvedere palace and its grounds are truly impressive

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