Charles talks with Nancy Guppy

Charles ArtZone Interview with Nancy Guppy from Seattle Untimely on Vimeo.

It doesn’t get much love in the press, but Seattle has a truly fantastic sketch comedy scene. Just when I think I’ve seen all there is, three or four new groups will emerge seemingly out of nowhere and make you laugh in entirely new ways.

Recently, I was thrilled to see my favorite sketch group, Charles, get this Art Zone coverage for their Moby Dick adaptation set in outer space, Moby Alpha.

Moby Alpha won’t be back in Seattle for a while, but in the meantime you can catch their absurd hilarity at Seattle Sketchfest, going on at the Pocket Theater. I saw one-half of the duo (Charles Stockman) perform in a sketch competition last night, and even on his own he managed to win. Not an easy feat, considering all performers had to do sketches based on the theme “sustainable agriculture.” (And yet, several groups nailed it, because it’s Seattle.)


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