Sound of Music shot glass

"Sound of Music" shot glass

Especially handy when you sing “Edelweiss.”

One surprising fact I learned before leaving on my trip to Austria is that, even after almost 50 years, The Sound of Music has a serious collection of fans across the world. People want to know all about the von Trapps, and many, many tours in Salzburg will happily oblige.

I also discovered my stylist Anna loves the movie, and at the end of my last hair cut she asked specifically for a Sound of Music shot glass. (Tall order!) It took quite a bit of souvenir shop hunting, but you’ll be relieved to learn at least one kind of SOM shot glass does exist. I found in in the picturesque town of Mondsee, where they filmed the movie’s wedding scene. And you might recognize the illustration’s setting from this entry.


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