Alexa Chung on English beauty

Alexa Chung out on the town

Are London nightclubs really like this? They look so merry!

In an ongoing effort to punch up my wardrobe, I’ve recently found myself browsing through a ton of fashion blogs. My favorites? Always the Brits! Which can be problematic when you remember that international shipping rates exist.

In a recent Into the Gloss interview, Alexa Chung called out what I might love most about English beauty–its naturalness:

The culture in England is such that it’s really not cool to look like you’ve tried so hard. If someone’s gone to the spa to get their nails done, you’re like, ‘Oh rate yourself!’ which is saying, like, ‘Ooh you’re fancy!’ It’s seen as very self-indulgent. Though, in America, if you’re pampering yourself and getting the blowout and the rest of it, you’re seen as doing really well and it’s celebrated. In England, it’s the opposite—it’s very embarrassing to seem like you’re lording it up over people. It’s just not about being ‘done.’ We’re into being clean, just not looking like you’ve made too much of an effort.

Here, here. Also, this explains all the better Kate and Hugh’s steady bronzing as the 90s have receded.



  1. Emmy · June 25, 2014

    I really think Kate and Hugh’s full-face yellowing, I mean bronzing, was a mistake. I cherished their pale
    English complexions, which looked so fresh. But I agree with you that STRATEGIC touches of rosy gold
    can be lovely..

    • ebenbow · June 25, 2014

      Right–it does seem like a shame Kate’s gone Hollywood, because her looks aren’t Hollywood! That’s what makes me love Emma Thompson and HBC all the more: As they age they do their own thing, and it’s pretty cool to watch. 🙂

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