Lindt Dark Chocolate Cookie Bar

Lindt Dark Chocolate Cookie bar

Lindt Dark Chocolate Cookie bar, your PGT-endorsed Galaxy Cookie Crumble replacement.

As a space committed to all developments related to the Galaxy Cookie Crumble bar: They are no longer selling it at Cost Plus World Market. (Teardrop.) I last spotted one in a Vancouver British imports shop last November, so it would seem distribution has changed.

However! I am thrilled to also let you know there is a new chocolate-cookie-bar game in town, and it tastes nearly the same: Lindt Dark Chocolate Cookie bar! It is so good–trust me on this. So far I’ve only found this kind of bar at Target (they sell the other kinds at Bartell Drugs, but not Dark Chocolate Cookie), meaning that it’s also about half the cost of the Galaxy.



  1. Laura S · August 10, 2014

    I’m going to Target today so I’ll try and remember to pick one up. Sounds too good to be true! 😉

  2. ebenbow · August 10, 2014

    Hell yea!!! Someday we’re going to have to put an official taste test together, maybe in Canada.

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