Josie Maran & Argan Oil

Josie Maran (picture from Redbook magazine)

Picture from Redbook magazine.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Into the Gloss… whether by tackling at-home manicures or Muppet coats, they hit just the right amount of substance for a beauty website. Their recent interview with model Josie Maran (who owns her own skincare line, and used to be the face of Maybelline), though, full-on impressed and delighted me. As you’ll read below, Josie brought some refreshing wisdom to the table.

1. On her house in Pennsylvania:

I used to fly out here from LA, but when I was pregnant and I couldn’t fly anymore we decided to get a place. We found this—it’s 300 acres—and I had my baby under one of the trees. It was awesome. I had my Jambox and good music going. My neighbors, my whole family, and some good friends just came and sat around—we listened to yoga music and had a baby for four hours.

2. On aging:

We don’t ever saying ‘anti-aging,’ because why would you be ‘anti’ anything that’s a natural part of life? And metaphysically, being ‘anti’ something actually creates that thing that you don’t want. Tip number one—stay positive.

3. Oils are magic:

The only thing that’ll hydrate my skin is argan oil. I love oils—they make the skin so juicy and dewy. Add oil and confidence and you’re like the hottest girl in the world. I discovered it when I was in France for a job—there was this woman who was 70 but she looked 40, so I asked her what her secret was. All she used was argan oil, so I had to try.

4. The minimalist’s approach to hair care:

Less is more, so I wash it once a week. Sometimes I clean my hair in the pond, but I always feel like that makes it too clean and like I need more dragon fly dust back in my hair.


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