Vienna to Bratislava – by hydrofoil

Twin City Liner - Leaving Vienna

Leaving Vienna on the Twin City Liner, en route to Bratislava.

I’ve talked about what happened once I arrived in Bratislava, but now it’s time to share how I actually got there.

As it happens, this is another coworker recommendation–what can I say, I work with knowledgeable people! Back in January, when I was telling the world about my upcoming trip to Vienna, a well-traveled colleague mentioned he’d taken a hydrofoil along the Danube from there to Bratislava, and the experience was “really nice.”

This would end up being the activity I planned the entire trip’s schedule around, since the Twin City Liner hydrofoil opens each year in mid-April. (And let it be noted the planning took several emails back and forth with Twin City Liner, since their website’s booking setup didn’t totally work. But when you do email they are extremely friendly and accommodating!)

It turns out my coworker was indeed right–the 1 hour, 15-minute boat ride along the Danube did have a special feel to it. After running around Vienna for several days, what a relief it was to just sit back and contemplate the river.

First, the beginning: the Vienna Twin City Liner station (it took me forever to find this place!).

Twin City Liner - Vienna station

The Twin City Liner Vienna station. (Abgang Marienbrücke, Schwedenplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria.)

Before long, we were immersed in lovely Danube scenery. (You might notice most of my pictures are from the front of the boat; the first-row upgrade was without a doubt worth it.)

Scenery on the Danube River

The Danube River in its natural grandeur.

Here’s the boat’s interior:

Twin City Liner interior

What the Twin City Looks like from the last row. (There’s also a small deck on the back.)

Passing the Devin Castle ruins was one of the trip’s highlights:

Devin Castle ruins

The Devin Castle ruins, with my first of many dilapidated Slovakian buildings.

Not long after that, Bratislava came into sight, with its recognizable Bratislava Castle:

Bratislava from the Danube

Bratislava in the distance, from the Danube River.

As we approached Bratislava, it did dawn on me that I was finally about to go behind the once-“Iron Curtain” for the first time. So, here we go…

Bratislava Twin City Liner station

Bratislava’s waterfront, including its Soviet-style Twin City Liner station. (Fajnorovo Nabrezie 2, Bratislava 811 02, Slovakia [Staré Mesto].)

And one last look, before I ventured into unknown, historically rich territory:

Twin City Liner hydrofoil

One last farewell (or, in Slovak, “Dovidenia”).


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