Some Saturday notes

The Tailor and the Giant, by James Kruss

The Tailor and the Giant (by James Kruss and Edith Witt) was one of my favorites growing up.

1. Do you find it hard to meditate regularly, or at all? That’s fine, says Adam Grant.

2. The German movie Phoenix is just great–see it if you get the chance. It has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. (I’m normally a scaredy cat about thrillers, but this one strikes the perfect balance of suspense, melancholy, and history.)

3. This Target boho blouse just nails it–pretty embroidery without being too peasanty. I am wearing it now.

4. During a Q&A at Town Hall the other night, Steven Pinker responded that he’s pro-Oxford Comma and the audience started cheering. (Who can’t love Seattle?)

5. I had no idea Chuck Palahniuk is irrepressibly hilarious until I heard this Live Wire interview.

6. Palace journeys continue: It’s almost time to head over here, hurrah!



Stylish Kleenex designs

Kleenex Perfect Fit - Blue 3 PackI’m by no means an expert when it comes to home decoration. Still, I couldn’t help but feel happy when I saw these design-forward Kleenex box patterns at Target. Bravo, tissues people.

MNG by Mango puts spring in your Fall

Red blouse - MNG by Mango


Neiman Marcus? More like “Neiman Whatsit.” Zing!

During a quick walk-through of my local JC Penney this weekend, I got excited to spot not just one, but a several fall pieces I liked. While a few different lines caught my attention, MNG by Mango® gets bonus points for touting clean lines and lively colors in a season when it’s all too easy to be drab.

The garments show care even in the details: You may not see them up close in the picture, but the lovely red blouse above includes gold-trimmed red diamond buttons.

While slightly lower key, I like to think of this as a “HBIC” cardigan:

Beige cardigan - MNG by Mango


This green always looks perfect with gold hoops:

Green drape top - MNG by Mango


Oh, and Liz Claiborne petite animal prints? I went there.

Cupboard Love


This blog may have its fair share of dishes for eating, but it’s time we display some actual, literal dishes.

So, in case you were unaware, I adore dishware! New glassware, vintage pieces, and even the occasional antique. (This is an appreciation learned from my mother, who especially loves the Blue Willow china pattern.) I bought some of these pieces at the age of 12 or 13, from Helen Winnemore in Columbus’ German Village and Tellus Mater in Madison. They’ve done well by me in the 17 years since.

From time to time someone comments on the inconsistency of my collection–a piece here, a piece there makes for an eclectic variety. Still, I like to think different foods and drinks are enjoyed even more when served in their own, custom-chosen pattern or shape. Like martinis, or souffles.

Blueberry-mango smoothie in Williams-Sonoma glass

I like drinking mango-blueberry smoothies out of orange-accented glasses from Williams-Sonoma. And a hot-pink straw has never hurt, either. (But perhaps that’s best left for another post. 🙂 )