Some Saturday notes

The Tailor and the Giant, by James Kruss

The Tailor and the Giant (by James Kruss and Edith Witt) was one of my favorites growing up.

1. Do you find it hard to meditate regularly, or at all? That’s fine, says Adam Grant.

2. The German movie Phoenix is just great–see it if you get the chance. It has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. (I’m normally a scaredy cat about thrillers, but this one strikes the perfect balance of suspense, melancholy, and history.)

3. This Target boho blouse just nails it–pretty embroidery without being too peasanty. I am wearing it now.

4. During a Q&A at Town Hall the other night, Steven Pinker responded that he’s pro-Oxford Comma and the audience started cheering. (Who can’t love Seattle?)

5. I had no idea Chuck Palahniuk is irrepressibly hilarious until I heard this Live Wire interview.

6. Palace journeys continue: It’s almost time to head over here, hurrah!


Let’s absolutely have more Singles content

Singles cast

If I were using Windows 3.1, I’d have this expression too.

It turns out that my previous post linking to the Seattle PI was just a preview for this MSN slideshow. (Please note how they made the exact same observation about Jeremy Piven’s bald head. Jeremy Piven’s hairplugs: A Universally Acknowledged Truth.)

And remember that, if you’re doing anything in Seattle, this is the best song to do it to.